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Welcome to CanvasMOON!

Wow! What a journey this has already been.  I went from no social media, to a personal Instagram account, to a domain owning website operating home business in a matter of months.  Why?  Well, you know how you have that hobby that everyone always tells you: "you could sell those" ?  I finally took that to heart.  And let me just be the one to say YOU SHOULD TOO! 

In recent years since becoming pregnant, giving birth to twins, and moving from the big city to a sweet little farm, I have really been nurturing a passion for designing and building items that have brought form and function to our living space.   How?  To begin you must know that I am a Journeyperson Truck and Transport Mechanic, who has also renovated an entire home with my partner? man friend? baby daddy? (you get it).  SO, I have a vast tool collection and I know how to use them!  Another piece of the puzzle, I do not like to throw things away, but I also do not like to hoard items that are no longer serving a purpose.  I see pallets in the dump, but I also see a sweet little compost bin, shelves, wall art, side tables. Endless opportunity to give new life to old trash. 

Enter CanvasMOON: Canvas for the drop cloth I had sitting in the basement just screaming to be hung as curtains, draped over a tent, and slung over a bookshelf. MOON for the moonlight filtering through the window energizing and inspiring me as I draw, measure, and build in the silence and stillness of the kitchen at night.

Now for a bit of the Why? Why now? Well, I have reached a point in my home life where I either need to get a job or get a hobby.  And WHY NOT!

Thank you to those of you who have encouraged, supported, and inspired me to take these leaps.  Also for the endless messages I sent a few of you over the past few months, thank you for responding when I was annoying even myself. To the women I know who are at various stages of their home businesses for showing me that it is possible, never too late, and that when you are passionate about something people will respond with LOVE!

Thank you to those of you who have just stopped by and spent a few minutes of your screen time with me today!  That is a big deal.

Endlessly Grateful,

Megan : )

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