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Earth Hour 2019

As you are probably aware, the month of April has been designated "Earth Month".  As silly as I find it that we have to dedicate a month to bring awareness to  social issues that should be acknowledged and celebrated everyday, I will admit that "Earth Hour 2019" really got me reflecting.  Nothing like sitting in dark, quiet, stillness to get my mind wandering...  Where am I falling short? What could I do differently? Am I really the conscious consumer I think I am? What kind of example am I setting for my children? How can I get them actively involved?

The answer to all of these questions is... I am doing the best that I can in the moment, and you probably are too!  Just like I cannot expect my 3 year olds to be on their best behaviour at every moment of every day, I cannot expect myself to make the best eco-conscious decision in every moment of everyday, but I can try.  Information overload is something we are faced with everyday in all areas of life and we have to weed through it all and find what feels good and in line with our personal values so we can make the best choices for ourselves.  I am not here to overwhelm you with a million different tips on how to be more eco, or fill you with guilt and shame because you should be doing more and making better choices.

Lately, I have found a major short coming on my journey to minimize my environmental impact has been a lack of planning.  Plan meals so I can make fewer trips to the grocery store, plan outings so I can bring snacks/meals/beverages,  plan the best route to include all the stops I need to make in the most efficient manner.  It might seem basic and simple but when life gets hectic my ability to plan ahead can be limited.  Since taking a moment to step back and refocus I can genuinely say I have been making small changes without huge sacrifices that can make sticking to a routine or chasing a goal dauntingly unrealistic.

Name it to tame it. Is there an area of your life you feel like you could improve? Identify one thing you would like to work on, give it power by naming it, not as a failure but as an aspiration, and as you go through life making thousands of tiny decisions everyday keep that goal in mind.  You will find yourself making small, manageable, lasting changes that will help you achieve your desired outcome with ease.  No pressure, no guilt, no shame.  

I hope you found this helpful/inspiring/uplifting.  When I sat down to write this I thought it might turn into an ode to the small business or to reducing plastic or to mason jars.  I guess not everything in life can be planned in advance.

Feel free to give power to your eco aspirations by putting them into words in the comment section below.  No judgement here, only love!

Endlessly Grateful,




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  • Love this! Planning definitely helps. I made a decision this year to stop buying impulsively. Do I need it? Do I REALLY need it? Could I be purchased second hand? If not, who can I go to that is making products of lasting quality, or conscious businesses. Buy it nice, don’t buy it twice!


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