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Primary Bedroom Refresh - Week 2

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  • Terradomi Candle Co.

  • Perfect for gifting or keep them all to yourself.
  • 11oz black ceramic

  • 8oz gold tin

  • 8oz black tin

Terradomi Candle Co.

Perfect for gifting or keep them all to yourself. Shop candles

11oz black ceramic

Shop candles

8oz gold tin

Shop candles

8oz black tin

Shop candles


We absolutely love our little tent. We had my nephews over last weekend, and together with my daughter they played in and around that tent for FOREVER. First it was a fort, then a fortress (no grownups allowed, of course). It is so cool our our little reading nook transformed so easily for imaginative play. Thank you so much for creating this space for us.

Alex - Reclaimed Series tent

It’s a stunner. It’s the little things (details). My husband loves how sturdy the shelf is too. Thats two 5 star reviews from (our) family.

Tekla - Mix & Match Shelfie


Darlene - Vintage Taps (3 & 5 piece)

(My daughter) almost started crying, she was so happy when she saw her hooks. Thank you!

*the power of letting your kids make their own choices!*

Crystal - Custom Brielle Shelfie

We are so happy with our tent. I love that Megan used fabric from my grandparents that holds a lot of meaning for me. I don't even have kids but I wanted a tent for my nieces and nephews to have something to be imaginative with at my house. At Christmas, I decorated it festively for people to take photos in and even put gifts under it, instead of a tree. This summer, it's been so easy to bring on picnics so friends can keep their kids sheltered from the sun. So portable and well loved, my friends have loved getting Megan's tents for gifts too.

Michelle - Reclaimed Series tent

My kids love their tent! If they aren’t playing hide-and-seek or pretending it’s a “cave” it is full of books and they are reading to themselves. They also need to show it off to everyone who visits!

Megan - Signature Series tent

I love my hooks! The tap style is so beachy and totally helped me achieve the lake vibes I was going for.

Megan - Vintage Taps 5 piece

I am in absolute “shelfie” amazement!! When I saw this beautiful piece I had to add it to my home! It is everything I expected from Megan and more!! It’s bigger than I thought. The knobs are more unique than I imagined. The whitewash is stunning... it may be my new fave piece!

Melanie - Crystal Shelfie

I'm so grateful to have met you this year and have the opportunity to get to know you! I appreciate you and your little shop and I cant wait to add more pieces to our home.

Jessica - Custom hooks and shelfies