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Signature DIY Sensory Play-gym
Signature DIY Sensory Play-gym

Signature DIY Sensory Play-gym

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I provide the frame, you provide the accessories! Customize to suit your baby’s interests and your decor. Drape fabric or ribbons, tie up some geometric shapes or toys, the possibilities are endless and easy to change up to keep baby entertained while building tracking/eye movement and reaching/grabbing skills.

This fully adjustable frame is made using 80% reclaimed or leftover wood materials and finished with lemon oil for protection and to enrich the natural woodgrain. Dowels are purchased locally from a small town, family owned lumber yard.

Adjust the width of the posts and tighten using included hex key, for new babes setting the posts wider will allow the toys to be closer, as baby grows set the posts narrower and to create more distance!

Measurements: Approximately 24” x 24”

Made with ❤️

**Playmat provided by My Babes &Co (@mybabesyxe on Instagram)**