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Breast & Belly Oil- The Olfactory Shop

Breast & Belly Oil- The Olfactory Shop

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A specially formulated oil to soothe and add suppleness to expanding skin during pregnancy. Using a very light dilution of pure essential oils, this breast and belly rub smells amazing without offending even the most heightened senses of smell. 

Absorbs easily and no greasy residue. Perfect for applying before dressing.


  • Rosehip seed oil is fast absorbing and high in vitamin C, aiding skin in regenerating and preventing scarring
  • Calendula oil has a tonifying effect and is nourishing for dry, itchy skin
  • Intoxicating blend of precious essential oils 

 HOW TO USE:Massage into the belly, sides, and breasts twice daily to reduce dryness, itching and support expanding skin through pregnancy.

INGREDIENTS: Rosehip seed oil, Calendula oil and a blend of Bulgarian Lavender, Frankincense and Neroli essential oils. 

30 ml

♥ Made with love and high quality ingredients in Calgary.