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Rainbow - 7 piece
Rainbow - 7 piece
Rainbow - 7 piece
Rainbow - 7 piece

Rainbow - 7 piece

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*Now available in pastel*

This piece was inspired my kids, of course! Having a boy and a girl the same age I was finding it difficult to incorporate colour while having all the colours represented. My greater mission behind this piece was to teach them that every colour is for every body!

Let your kids pick which hook they feel like using and encourage them to try a different colours, also a great tool for kids who are just learning their colours. Make cleaning up fun and easy, you might be surprised how much less often you are picking up after them!

The wood is reclaimed and available in 4 finishes to allow you to choose which suits your style: whitewash, natural, mahogany, or onyx! No matter which option you choose the colours take center stage and the wood grain is enhanced for some added warmth and texture. 


Large: 33”x6”x1”  5 1/2” hooks

Medium: 30”x4”x1”  4 1/2” hooks

Small: 30”x4”x1”  3 1/2” hooks

Drywall anchors and mounting screws included, please use the proper anchors for your mounting surface.